Residential Wall mounted Air conditioners


Wall mounted Swan Air conditioners are ideal for smaller areas such as bedrooms and living rooms, small offices and shops. Its position allow to supply the room with an even air flow.

All modern inventions and technological leaps are implemented in Wall units, so they are quiet and most people can sleep quite comfortably with the unit turned on.

Swan wall-mounted split air conditioners are equipped with a variety of options, which are usually installed on high level expensive competing products:

  • DC inverter – to increase energy efficiency
  • R32 refrigerant – to reduce greenhouse effect
  • 3D airflow – to increase room air change and overall unit effectiveness
  • Ionizer – to clean air with negative charged ions of dust, bacteria, pollen, smoke and other allergens
  • Carbon filter – to clean air of dust, pollen
  • Golden fin coating of outdoor unit condenser – to increase unit lifetime
  • Electric heating of outdoor unit drip tray – to guarantee continuous operation in wintertime
  • WIFI-ready controller – to control device with smartphone
  • Quick cooling and heating – to get desirable conditions as fast as possible
  • 0.3W standby consumption – to decrease electricity bill significantly
  • Self-cleaning Plus© – to clean indoor and outdoor units element
  • Intelligent defrost© – to increase operation range and decrease operation cost

All these options and features increase customer comfort and health, unit lifetime and operation expenses.

Short technical information presented in a table below. More detailed information you could find at Swan catalog.

Unit nameSJF-H9 [w9rem]SJF-H12 [w9rem]SJF-H18 [w9rem]SJF-H24 [w9rem]
Capacity cooling/heating, kW2.6 (0.5~2.9)/ 2.7 (0.5~3.0)3.5 (0.8~3.6)/ 3.5 (0.9~3.7)5.4 (1.2~5.6)/ 5.8 (1.2~6.0)7.2 (1.4~7.5)/ 7.2 (0.9~7.3)
Power supply220 - 240V, 1Ph, 50Hz [r4]
SEER/SCOP, W/W6.50 / 4.376.65 / 4.366.57 / 4.026.89 / 4.11
Indoor unit dimensions WxDxH, mm792х201х292 [r2]940х224х3161132х232х330