Cassette indoor units


Swan Multi-split Cassette indoor units could have a capacity from 1.5 to 7.3 kW and can be placed on suspended ceilings of limited height.  The modern 8-way panel guarantees a uniform air distribution and equable temperature levels throughout the room.

Cassette units are equipped with drain pump, which could lift up condensate to height up to 1200mm.

Short technical information presented in a table below. More detailed information you could find at Swan catalog.

Unit nameSMCA-H09 [w11rem]SMCA-H12 [w11rem]SMCA-H18 [w11rem]SMCA-H24 [w11rem]
Capacity cooling/heating, kW2,8 (1,5~3,6)/ 3,0 (1,6~3,8) [ce]3,6 (1,7~3,7)/ 3,9 (2,0~4,4) 5,0 (2,5~5,6)/ 5,6 (3,0~7,0)7,0 (2,9~7,3)/ 7,1 (2,1~8,0)
Electric supply220-240V, 1Ph, 50Hz [r4] [ce]
Consumption, W70 (17,5 ~ 109) / 70 (17,5 ~ 109) [r4]
Unit dimensions (WxDxH), mm570×570×260 [r3]835х835х250
Panel dimensions (WxDxH), mm650x650x55 [r3]950x950x55