Ceiling & Floor indoor units


Swan Multi-split Ceiling & Floor indoor units could have a capacity from 1,5 to 5,6 kW and can be placed on a floor near wall or under ceiling.

Due to ultra slim design – only 205mm height, – installation takes much less space comparing competing products.

3D-Air swing allow to deliver processed air to every room corner.

Short technical information presented in a table below. More detailed information you could find at Swan catalog.

Unit nameSMCF-H09 [w12rem]SMCF-H12 [w12rem]SMCF-H18 [w12rem]
Capacity cooling/heating, kW2,8 (1,5~3,5)/ 3,0 (1,6~3,8)3,6 (1,7~3,7)/ 3,9 (2,0~4,4)5,3 (2,5~5,6)/ 5,8 (3,0~7,0)
Electric supply220 - 240V, 1Ph, 50Hz [r3]
Consumption, W80 (20~125)/ 80 (20~125) [r3]
Dimensions WxDxH, mm929×660×205 [r3]